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The most surreal destination in Mexico: Edward Jame's Castle! or "Las Pozas". To get to this place you must first arrive in the state of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. From there make your way up to the north to the city of Xilitla. It is such a venture to get to this location! Taking a bus in the rocky and dusty roads up high to the mountains of Mexico, where there aren't a lot of foreigners to be found, and let us just tell you that there is no VIP bus to get here, you gotta get down and dirty! and its oh so fun. The trip is long but once you get there you will realize it doesn't get any more real than that. It is Mexico at its best and no foreign influence. Xilitla is very tiny, there are very few hotels and the biggest ones are called Posadas. Posada James Xilitla is a really nice one in the middle of the jungle, perfect to get lost in natural surroundings and enjoy by far one of the best mexican breakfasts ever! Everything here is organic, don't miss the natural pineapple jam! So delicious.

Once in Xilitla you can explore the small town and take a look at all the different variety of handcrafts and traditional dishes that this place offers. Every region of Mexico has different traditional dishes and use different types of ingredients to the preparation of the food, so even for us Mexicans it was a fun experience to try new things and see variations of our culture. You are very high up in altitude in this town so the view from everywhere is going to blow your mind away, it is literally in the middle of nowhere and you get an indescribable feeling by being so in touch with nature.


Las Pozas, Edward Jame's Castle-

Getting to Las Pozas is not very hard, you can either negotiate the price with a taxi driver, or book a tour in advance. Its only a few minutes away from town and be ready to have an encounter with the magical world of Edward James: "his garden of Eden". We describe this place as Gaudí's architecture meets the Mayan Ruins. Edward James was a British poet fanatic of surrealism and of Gaudí's work. You kind of get a sense that it was built by aliens or something, but he built this place and called it home from 1949-1984. It cost about 5million to complete and he had to sell his collection of surrealist paintings to finish this masterpiece. Believe it or not this place consists of more than 80 acres in this subtropical rainforest and you can tell which were bedrooms amongst all the incredible structures, very fascinating! 

A lot of people still don't know about the existence of this place, which is kind of great if you think about it. You feel on a quest just exploring the entire area. All this nature with immense structures that have never-ending steps, walkways, and bridges that cross waterfalls. It just has the most amazing feeling to it. You can go inside waterfalls and re-energize your body and mind.


Cueva del Salitre or Parakeet Cave-

Xilitla's magic doesn't end here. There are much more fun activities and things to explore! The bat caves are a MUST! It is better if you book this tour with a group of people because the price goes down significantly. This cave is the home of thousands of bats and birds that fill the entrance with their acrobatics. Breathtaking to watch. This place is HUGE, the mouth of the cave will leave you with a sensation of being incredibly tiny. Also, this one is a workout! the way to the cave is steep and muddy so we recommend comfortable attire and hiking shoes! There is a small fee of only 20pesos to enter and is really worth getting a sight of this! the view from there is also pretty incredible.

Other Activities include: Rappel, rock climbing, sky diving, hiking, and rafting. There is plenty to do in this magnificent location for the adrenaline seekers and adventure lovers. We didn't get to do all of these unfortunately since we ran out of time, but its definitely in our plans to come back and experience all the outdoor fun! We specially would love to do the rafting in the river Tampaonor Rio Micos. Plan ahead and make sure you book at least 5 days to be able to do everything, it would be a shame to miss out on the adventure.


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