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Capital city of Laos! This will probably be your first stop in Laos and it has an unexplainable magic to it. The moment you get there you will feel at peace. It is a very small town with so much charm and so many gentile smiles that you can't help but to feel in a dreamy trance. First off, there aren't too many tourists (YET) and that's the beauty of Laos, you won't feel trapped or pressured by vendors or tourist guides, its still pretty laid-back and it keeps true to its roots. One of the things that made us quickly fall in love was that everything was fresh and organic! our stomachs were very happy with the natural delicacies we were feeding them.


Fruit Heaven-

 There is the most amazing restaurant in Vientiane called Fruit Heaven and we were here every single day! You must try everything! the fruit smoothies, the salads, the breakfasts, the baguettes! Everything is made with the best quality ingredients and most importantly its all natural, like it should be everywhere. They also have free Wifi here, so feel free to come with your computer if you need to answer some emails! Staff is super friendly, and there are also free english tutoring classes offered! you may volunteer and get to know some nice people while you are at it! 


Buddha Park-

There isn't a lot to do in Vientiane but watch the day go by without a care in the world. This was the true definition of a vacation. You can easily walk the city and you will probably see everything there is in less than 2 hours. You may rent bikes and breathe the Lao air, or rent a scooter with friends if you are more of an adventurer, but at the end of the day you will feel so relaxed by having had enjoyed the beauty of life and nature. Prices are very low even compared to Thailand, you can really get by with very little, and what Laos has to offer is unbelievable.

About 20min away you will find Buddha Park. Take a tuk-tuk and be ready for a bumpy ride! This Park is quite a gem! it is small but so striking. You can go inside one of the caves and climb up to the top to get a look of the entire Park. It gets quite hot midday so we recommend an early visit.

Vientiane is a very small cute city and the best thing you will learn here is to sit back and relax, You will get to do absolutely NOTHING and be okay with that. Try traditional Lao food, talk to the locals, eat fresh and organic meals and admire all the faith there is here. It is so magical to realize what the good life is all about, turn off your phones and disconnect. You won't regret it. 


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