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Tlaquepaque is the little picturesque town located only 20min from Guadalajara. You can come here to find natural flavored ice-cream, handmade quilts, and mexican hacienda architecture. Countless mexican restaurants with amazing settings and great ambiance. One of our favorites is El Abajeño, you can come early and have a traditional breakfast and mexican coffee, or come midday to stay long hours listening to mariachi bands as you drink tequila from the famous "cazuelas" (plates) with a straw. Its quite the experience! very lively and its as traditionally mexican as it gets.

This city is known best for its extensive furniture and art décor shops around the center. It is definitely a must see if you are planning on going to Guadalajara. There is one main cute street where you can find amazing coffee shops, mexican souvenir tents and fortuneteller birds, be ready to hand pick your luck if you dare. After you've finished window shopping and souvenir hunting go buy some traditional mexican ice-cream! (famous nieves de garrafa) and sit at the plaza to watch the ceremony of the Dance of the Flyers (Voladores de Papantla) you will really enjoy it! 

You can see the whole town in just a couple of hours but its magic will have you coming back. If you love Mexican art and interior design this is the place to go, there are always hidden treasures and amazing prints that will not let you go empty handed from this trip!


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