December , 2014 


Both Tequila and Guachimontones fall under the category of magical towns in Mexico for us. We started our mini- road trip from Guadalajara and headed down south to the town of Teuchtitlán which is about 45min-1hr away. In this town, which encompasses all the characteristics of a traditional Mexican pueblo: charming, colorful, slow-paced and where traffic is created mostly by horses; you will find a road that takes you to the archaeological site of Guachimontones. The name is accounted for the circular pyramids that overlook the town. This site was discovered in the 1970's by an american archaeologist, there is still a lot of reasearch being conducted in order to fully understand the origins of it, but its pretty mesmerizing just to get a sight of it. If you have ever been to pyramids in Mexico, you may have noticed the great energy that these places exude by just walking the grounds, Guachimontones is no exception. At this time of the year though, the area is quite arid, but the best time to visit is later in the summer when the greens are predominant and cover the entire pyramids. 

After taking our time exploring this site and taking loads of pictures, we continued on our journey to: Tequila!


Yes, Tequila is where the magic happens. Just by entering the town you can get in a very happy/festive mood. We parked our car and walked all the way to the main square of the town. If you are not sure which way to go, just follow the music! In the square everyone is full-on enjoying life. There is music everywhere, there are kids running around laughing and riding ponies, there are stands all over showcasing countless Tequila brands, giving samples of countless flavors and different types of Tequila. The options are endless, but never overwhelming- Even if you think you might know something about Tequila, here you realize you barely knew the first thing! 

We chose to go to a Tequila distillery that is only a few minutes north of the town and encountered miles of agave fields that sit there giving the landscape a beautiful texture and color. It was such an enrinching experience learning about the process of Tequila-making. Its fun to taste the different flavors and to get the full hacienda-life feeling. There was also an exceptional underground restaurant where we got to experience amazing mexican dishes under dim lights.  


If you ever want to get a full taste of traditional Mexico, these are the kinds of places where authenticity is predominant. The people are genuine, the food is exceptional (nothing like hand-made tortillas!)- a glimpse of real Mexican culture. 


We had the best time, we hope you enjoy the photos!


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xx Amanda + Cynthia




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