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Winter time in OZ! first time in Australia and with no expectations we arrived in the city of wonderland. The mildest winter yet! and coming from Thailand where it was 30C we were thrilled for some winter time once and for all. The weather was pure PERFECTION, some days even felt like incredible spring days while we enjoyed gelatos and walked around Circulay Quay. Here is a little taste of Sydney, the city we called our temporary home.


Circular Quay-

Where every tourist must make their first stop. A ferry away from Manly and a bus stop away from literally every suburb, it is perfectly located in the center of Sydney filled with restaurants and cafés by the water. You can see the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge up close and have a drink and relax at the Opera Bar after a day of exhaustion from all the sightseeing.


The Rocks-

From here on the opposite side of the Opera House you can walk to “The Rocks”. The Rocks is the area at the very end, where you will feel like you have traveled back in time! It is charmingly set with old and classic architecture of a past era! And full of cute restaurants and boutiques. You can sit on the outdoor cafés or stroll the streets and alleys the "sydneysider way"! While you enjoy a scoop of ice cream! If you like to kick it back old school like we do then you will love this part of town!

Also close to The Rocks is the Musuem of Cotemporary Art with new installations and art exhibitions. You can be sure to spend an entire evening in here, be ready to feel inspired. Our happy place no doubt.


Manly/Northern Beaches-

We are so happy we got to experience this side of Sydney! It is the city getaway, where people do not walk the streets with stressful looks on their faces and can watch and enjoy the day go by with a nice cup of coffee in the morning and a surf session before heading to work. Such a cool area with the most amazing sights! We were lucky to have had our Aussie friend take us around on a tour to the Northern Beaches and explore some local spots. The view is truly unreal, we came back blown away by the natural beauty. Can't leave Sydney without seeing this. The blue color of the ocean is still fresh in our minds. Just stunning. Here happiness is abundant, people are filled with joy and we think it has something to do with living by the water, we don’t blame them! Quite a little paradise they have here.


Walking along George Street, we discovered the most incredible store called The Aparttment which had loads of cool finds! They carry a variety of Aussie designer brands (heaven for us), and may we just say IN LOVE. I don’t think there was anything in there that we didn’t like. Definitely a store we recommend! Let us warn you that you probably wont leave empty handed! They have all the MUST-HAVES.


Rushcutters Bay-

We later decided to move apartments to get to know a different area and ended up in Rushcutters Bay. Truly a beautiful place to stay, it has the most unbelievable park for your morning runs, tennis matches, or perfect to walk your pets or have a picnic on a sunny day.We highly recommend this area if you want some peace and quiet to admire the view of the bay.


While you are in a foreign country, you cant help but to feel homesick at times. We went around looking for some Mexican food in Sydney and although there are lot of Mexican restaurants to choose from, none of them seemed to capture the essence we were looking for. We’d like to say that while strolling along Bayswater Road we found a nice restaurant called Barrio Chino, which was as close to home as we got! Guacamole was on the spot and so were the margaritas. It’s a fun place to go on the weekends and the decoration really fooled us into thinking we were back home for a second. Its nice to get a taste of your homeland in another country and be surprised.


May Lane-


If you love street art and discovering cool and isolated spots. Then head over to St. Peters! a few stops away from Town Hall Station. This is where we had one of our shoots for a post and it was a blast! The entire lane is vibrant with so many different amazing designs and seeing so much color just puts us in the best mood. We took videos, photos, and we took the time to see each and every one of the artworks that are set on these walls. The pictures don't do this place enough justice. We love street art, this was just a super cool place to visit.



While we were in Sydney at the beginning we stayed in Palmer street by Darlinghurst and quickly became acquainted with the lively neighborhood. We loved to have breakfast at Artisan Focacceria! The best no doubt! Everything is top quality and the portions are just the right size. Service was amazing and the place was jut extremely cozy whenever the weather surprised us with chilly winds. THERE IS WIFI! Given that it is not easy to find places with free wifi in Sydney, this is one of the few amazing restos that offer internet for the wifi crazies, like us.


Walking further down Darlinghurst you will walk to Surry Hills where you will get the best places to have brunch or grab a coffee with friends. One of our favorite streets is Crown street, because of all the vintage shops and cool hang out venues placed one after the other. Our top picks are Kawa , The Winery (WIFI!!!), Ampersand Surry hills, Four Ate Five. Also if you are into vintage shopping but aren’t into hurting your wallet, head over to Huff n' Puff this is the place where you will find the most amazing vintage finds! We got some Denim high-waisted shorts and skirts! And there was a lot more to choose from. We still wish we had gotten more pieces, the prices were very reasonable from $20-40  its right on Crown, you won’t miss it. 



Trendy, fun, and with so much shopping! All the cool stores are located here, as are all the creatives. You can explore the Paddington Markets on the weekends and hunt for treasures, or admire the street art and the trendy crowds that fill the corners of every street. All restaurants and cafés here have a super cool vibe to them, and it has to do with the “Paddo” feeling, as the locals call it. Skaters, artists, fashionistas, hipsters, and even yuppies, they are all here! This area is super happening and the stores range from super high-end to small affordable boutiques. One of our faves areas so far, even just to read a book, or hangout and enjoy some laughs with friends. 



Bondi Beach, touristy but yes it is a Must. We feel that Bondi is a different place in the summer than it is in the winter. We have seen pictures of a super packed beach that is almost quite impossible to walk through. It wasn’t the case for us, Bondi during winter time is so relaxed! There is hardly anyone on the beach, you will see some surfers and a few people having a jog, but even the restaurants are all quiet. It isn’t the best place to go when the weather isn’t sunny and warm, and with good reason. But it still has the laid back beach feeling and we would love to come back on a summers day, just to compare! Young crowds and lovely sunsets!


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