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We heard about Sukhothai, (north of Thailand) from a tour guide on our trip to Chiang Mai and the way he described it made us realize we just couldn’t miss out on this place. Take the bus or train from Bangkok, which is about a 10-12 hour trip, or you can do a one-day tour with a taxi driver from Chiang Mai. 
We took the bus and arrived to a very small station where a tuk tuk lead us to our hotel. The main attraction here is the Sukhothai Historical Park, protected by UNESCO World Heritage Site. It takes about 20 min to get there from the town; you take a local bus that is only 20 baht per person and it will leave you on the main entrance. Sukhothai, that was once the capital city of Thailand has by far the most impressive monuments we have ever seen. It is truly a sight you do not want to miss.

Once in the Historical Park you can rent a bike, a taxi, or the tram. Take the bike trust us! The most fun part of our trip was riding our rental bikes all over the park while soaking on the sun-rays and breathing the fresh air. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking with 193 ruins on 70 kilometers of land you will want to spend the whole day here and even come back for more! Also make sure you ride your bike outside the Historical Park to Wat Si Chum, a Temple about 15min away that overlooks some amazing greeneries! Tourists often miss this temple; and it was one of our favorites! The vegetation is so vividly green.

Although there is not much to do in the actual town, but to eat traditional Thai food and get to bond with the locals; visiting the Historical Park itself is worth your trip! It is just something really magical, we highly recommend it for anyone who’s going to Thailand and wants to take a detour from the touristy and get some local experiences. 


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