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Shanghai is one of our favorite places in the world! There is so much beauty in this city, from the architecture to the people and its rich history you can't help but to fall deeply in love! The most impressive thing is that all the cultural differences and challenges you face are the main factors that contribute to making you love it and then miss it terribly once you have gone. 


Tian Zi Fang-


First and foremost you must go to Tian zi Fang, for the art and fashion lovers! It is an area with a layout of a labyrinth of streets interconnected that are packed with boutique shops, cafés and restaurants. Where all the trendy people hang out, it is also in the French Concession which is composed of mostly expats and creatives.

Be ready to pull out your best outfit here, The Shanghainese love fashion and dress to kill from head to toe! So dress to impress and feed on all the glamour and style! You will feel inspired. Xin Tian Di-


We would describe it as where luxury meets culture. It is in the center of Shanghai, and this street is composed of all the shops and restaurants you want! It pricy, yes it is, but it really is the perfect mix where you can appreciate the rich history while experiencing the modern lifestyle of the locals. You won't be disappointed! have a meal at the popular Xin tian Di street and stroll through the mall.

Speaking of history, one of the most lovely things about this city is a lot of the old temples still remain intact such as Yuyuan garden, There is an evident division of the Old Shanghai and the New Shanghai. If you really want to absorb the chinese cultural beauty head to Old Shanghai to admire the architecture, the Temples such as Jing'an Temple and the markets. 


The Bund-


For some modern experiences, Shanghai has so many restaurants with excellent views of the skyline. The Bund is where its at! the to-go area for nightlife and dining experiences. Our top picks include: Mr. and Mrs. Bund (Restaurant/Bar) and Bar Rouge (Bar&Rooftop) which are both located on the same building. 


If you are a party-goer, then may we recommend M1nt. We had a lovely dinner at the restaurant located at the back of the club. The view of the skyline is incredible and service is top notch. This place is usually known for being the posh club, and it has a shark tank inside (What?!). It is probably very pretentious but it can be really fun too! the crowd is selective and it is mostly all expats, but the music is usually good and you can have a fun time on the dance-floor. 




Pudong- is the financial district, it has the most impressive buildings and shopping malls out of all the other districts! You can go up the Oriental Pearl  for a spectacular view of Shanghai, take a boat around the area or visit the famous Aquarium! take your pick! it has the most incredible shopping malls and it is as beautiful during day as it is at night. By night you can witness all the different neon lights powered up by solar energy making the city look futuristic and dazzling!


During the Day-


For nice brunches and some great shopping- Julu Lu! One of our favorite areas to explore and enjoy a day out in the city. Mr. Pancake is student heaven when it comes to awesome breakfast deals! The portions are big and the menu consists of well ..all kinds of pancakes (duh!) and they also serve eggs, waffles, salads, you know the drill! The Weekends are always packed and its pretty clear why, but if you don't mind a waiting list its worth to pay a visit.

This street has super cool shops from really high-end brands like Acne to local upcoming designer brands, take the time to walk around and discover what it has to offer.




Head down to Yongfu Lu near Fuxing Xi Lu where you get a variety of bars, lounges and restaurants! Hip area with a young crowd and super lively atmosphere! Our favorites include The Apartment and El Coctel both located on the same building. The Apartment has a cool vibe, super trendy and hip bar that is almost like the New York City loft you always dreamed of! The crowd is fun and the cocktails are good. Ladies night are on Thursdays! and this is a nice place to start your evening.


El Coctel is a spanish tapas restaurant/bar right below the Apartment. This is a little pricier but the signature drinks are the best of quality. Dim lights and relaxed atmosphere with a smart crowd consisting of yuppies and expats. A little more low key but still and amazing place to dine and enjoy some drinks with good company.


Also in Julu Lu you will find a hidden little bar that goes by the name of People 7. If you are in for a scavenger hunt then take the risk and try to find this place! no sign on the door, and as if it wasn't hard enough to locate streets in China and communicate with taxi drivers, you now have to find a place with no sign on the outside. It is like mission impossible reloaded. It took us a while to find it, not going to lie! and when we did find the place you needed to touch some squares as a code to get the doors to open. Honestly when we were inside it was the greatest feeling of accomplishment! and the interiors are also super cool! the crowd is mostly locals and the food and drinks are the best! Very low key but very modern and lets face it not the usual go-to place, so its nice to step away from touristy spots. It was a fun adventure.


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