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Enchanting Pueblo of San Miguel de Allende. Every interior designer's and artist's dream! San Miguel de Allende offers the best wholesale in furniture, decorative art, and leather. It is the home of artists, writers, foreign retirees, and bohemian free spirits, with now a large amount of tourists paying visits. So besides being a super cute and fun town with lots of culture and art, the shopping is amazing! so do you need any more excuses?

San Miguel de Allende has gotten a lot of popularity over the past few years because of its rustic and hacienda-style architecture mixed with so many creative local talent that keep this vibrant city producing so much art. From extremely bohemian to very upscale 5-star hotels your stay will be very pleasant. But there are two sides to this town, and depending on your mindset is the experience you choose to have.  

The relaxed and cultural visit or the fun social late night experience. We recommend trying both!


You have a great selection of places to stay at every price range. Keep in mind that San Miguel de Allende can go from affordable to very luxurious. But if you aren't a big spender, even the small posadas are super cute and for a reasonable price! So what we did was, we got there with no previous hotel booked and walked around the area we liked the most to find a place we liked: a small hacienda-styled hotel with a lovely restaurant in the garden. The great thing about accommodation in this town is that you will always feel like you are staying in a huge Hacienda. And you will have your patio and huge wooden old doors. 


La Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel-

The main church right in the heart of town. San Miguel's most significant icon. Neo-Gothic façade that stands out from the entire architecture that surrounds it. It is really interesting to hear the story of how it got the style transformation. Impressive to watch and photograph and equally impressive to go inside.


The Weekend fun San Miguel-

This has been a get-away for the young ones for quite a while now! Especially for Mexico city students/yuppies. This town serves as an escape from city lights and stressful schedules. Its small town feeling and pretty surroundings along with hip and trendy bars/restaurants have kept this town's reputation high. If you come during the weekend, then expect to find a very lively nightlife! with large crowds in a fun and funky atmosphere. San Miguel is nothing pretentious, the fun comes by enjoying the simplicity of life and staying true to mexican roots! "fiesta" is taken seriously, everyone here comes for a good time with friends.



Mamma Mia is one of out top pick restaurant/bars! located right in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, this one is famous for their huge and delicious Margaritas!! Strawberry Margaritas to be more specific. The food is great and we recommend grabbing dinner at this cool venue. Real Mexican, live music and a very cool crowd too. As the night unfolds, it starts getting more alive with louder music and drawing larger crowds. After a few margaritas you can walk along the same street and find a variety of different bars that you can try. Luna Rooftop is also a very nice choice. It was a relaxed vibe of a lounge/rooftop with nice views and good cocktails. Its a Tapas Bar so if you like spanish tapas then this is your place!
Bar Matilda is for the sophisticated! Located in contemporary Hotel Matilda. Very smart feeling to this venue with premium brands and a very upscale decor. Good mixology bar for an evening drink and perfect for a date! 
If you are feeling energetic- then La Chula Bar is where its at! Offering the best view of la Parroquia! it accommodates to everyone's taste! offering a bohemian room, and other 4 rooms of different atmospheres. All types of music genres and some special DJ's. Fun time guaranteed.


Opera Concert-

We got the chance to see the Opera one night. It was an extremely amazing performance! Retired American Opera professionals have been hosting week-long courses for aspiring opera singers! Its quite amazing, and it is the most perfect setting to see the Opera, in a colloquial town such as this one. If you have the opportunity then don't miss this. 


Fábrica de la Aurora-

Also, if you happen to have the chance to stay for a longer period don't miss on the artistic opportunities! There are very good classes offered and they range from: painting, sculpting, knitting, drawing. Also don't miss the greatest cooking classes! This place is known for being excellent in the arts and you will learn from the best, and what better place than this creative mexican pueblo? La Fábrica de la Aurora is a must for artists. Get some inspiration by looking at the most amazing exhibitions of all the paintings, handcrafts, furniture, decorative art. The collection is huge and you can immerse in this world of magic and become part of it. So much talent its ridiculous! We could have stayed for 6months if we could. In this place also, you can have lunch at a lovely sushi place called Barushi, what is better than art accompanied by awesome food. 


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