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We feel so blessed to have been born and raised in the magical town of Puerto Vallarta! This is the place we call home.
Experience P.V through the eyes of the locals!

This is where we come from...this is what we know...


Ocean Grill Bar and Restaurant

When we are down in P.V we love to hike to this unbelievable restaurant! If you are and adventurer then follow the trail from Boca de Tomatlán!
Just be sure to make a reservation a day before be certain there is a table since the space is limited. This little hidden gem is a little paradise with its own private beach and a a stunning landscape. 
Definitely one of our ultimate favorite spots, you can't miss this one.


La Leche -Restaurant
(dinner and drinks) 

You won't miss this place it is right in the heart of P.V. It is all white with a very minimalistic feeling. It is a hip place with a young crowd and gourmet food. It is completely different from anything you will experience in Vallarta.
They has a very cool ambiance and sometimes live music!

May we recommend trying the desserts, explosion of amazing flavors!


Chico's Paradise-

Located in  on the South side of Puerto Vallarta (close to Garza Blanca) A restaurant in the middle of the mountains overlooking a waterfall.
Just pure bliss. Enjoy some mexican delicacies with jungle surroundings. This place holds incredible childhood memories! The lemonades served in the famous mexican "chabelas" are legendary!

Talking about the best beaches in the South side. If you are trying to stay away from the crowded 
beaches in P.V and the touristy spots, then you must head over to Mayto to discover serenity and beauty!
Deserted beach with miles and miles of amazing sandbars. Follow the connected river to discover the peaceful
nature of this place.



Make sure you save at least one entire day for Sayulita! Beautiful surfing town, loads of amazing restaurants and local food, and cute boutique shops.This bohemian little town just 45min to the North of P.V. is a very charming place packed with surfers and creatives, we love to spend entire weekends there!Great finds for shopping and there's an amazing art scene.
Be ready for some chill nights with live music and great food. Also don't forget to eat the typical "Choco banana" perfect treat for the day.


Las Caletas-
( 2 tours available: Night tour or Day tour)

From Vallarta Adventures, we highly recommend both! they are equally incredible, depending on what you are looking for

1. Day Tour: Boat ride to the private island of Caletas. This was once the private home of film director John Huston! Lay back and relax on the hammocks, or head to the beach for a snorkel session or some kayaking.

2. Evening Tour: "Rhythms of the Night" Boat ride with open bar, dinner buffet by the beach, and a super cool show of tribal dancing. Perfect for couples and/or family! very romantic.

Book whichever you prefer based on your mood and interests! It is obviously very touristy but oh so fun, we had a blast!


Of course you can't miss the Malecón-
Take the time to stroll along the boardwalk you will find cool and unusual art sculptures, street vendors, handcrafts sweets and typical mexican food with live music, there is always something going on!
Our Malecón ritual is to buy fruit pospsicles from "La Michoacana" and eat them while we walk along the ocean. Located at the end of the boardwalk, you have no idea how much sweeter life becomes when you taste one.


Hacienda de Oro-

Head over to the South to find this Mexican Hacienda style restaurant and Botanical Garden. It doesn't only offer a great atmosphere and refreshing lemonades, but also some astonishing colorful flora!
Just beautiful. If you love to be in touch with nature and are keen on the Mexican-style architecture then you will love it. Excellent spot for a photo-shoot with impressive gardens and views. A place where you can breathe and absorb the culture of Mexico. 



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