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While we were in beautiful Kuala Lumpur, we started feeling our stay was becoming a routine in the city life. We craved the ocean and the sun. We heard about the Perhentian Islands and Langkawi from the locals and after some time and consideration we decided to head to the closest nearby town of  Khota Baru. 


Our adventure began the moment we arrived to Khota Baru! From the airport you may pay upfront for both the taxi + boat service to the islands. We were really tired and hungry and just wanted to head to our final destination so we took the taxi.

The taxi will take you to Kuala Besut, which is a charming little town where all tourists take the water taxis to the islands. Once you arrive to Kuala Besut you can check which speedboat agency is the best for you and gives you best price deals. The speed boats run daily from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Some people prefer to stay in Kuala Besut and just go to the islands during the day, because it offers cheaper accommodation. We decided to follow word of mouth from other tourists and stayed at the popular Long beach located in the smaller island of The Perhentians. 


For your comfort there are multiple restaurants around the islands and snorkeling equipment available for a fee. Since the islands are pretty remote there are very few places available to pay with card so make sure you bring enough cash.  One Restaurant we would recommend for the quality of the food is Bubu restaurant and it was fantastic! (One of the few high-end resorts), although the service wasn’t very good, we had a pleasant dinner with dim lights and good margaritas!

There are different types of hotels available depending your price range. There are 2 very nice hotels with resort amenities, and then several very cute bohemian bungalows available. There is a party scene on weekends in case you were wondering.  Nothing too crazy, nights consisting of a fire show while smoking shisha and also wide range of bars on the beach. If you are not looking for the party scene and only wish to relax, we would suggest you stay on the Big Island. It is a bit more secluded and the beaches are very private.  Abdul, Coral Bay and Tuna Bay and Arwana are beautiful spots to stay at. You can also do a tour by booking a boat and visit different beaches. It’s up to you, now head over there and go to your dream relaxing vacation! The snorkeling is quite out of this world thanks to the incredibly clear waters of the Perhentian.


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