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The sweetest most spontaneous escape to Mui Ne! We feel honored to have been invited to a magical Swiss-Vietnamese wedding in the most incredibly scenic place. Thanks to our dear friend Beni and to Stefan and Thi for letting us be part of their beautiful celebration of love. Since we were just here for this special event, our time to actually explore the town was very limited, but we tried to squeeze as many activities as we could, and this is what we managed to do in just two days! Which were filled with adventure, fun, and lots of friendly new faces.


Mui Ne is actually a very small town, and there are so many cute bungalows and amazing resorts to choose from, it all depends on what you are looking for and how secluded you want your experience to be. We stayed in the heart of town, at the sunny beach resort  close by where the wedding was taking place. The beach was so beautiful with barely any people there! 95% of our time, we spent swimming, you can never take the beach girls out of us. I always say there is nothing like a late night swim or an early morning swim- get ready for the greatest dose of energy (one of my favorite things in life). 


The actual wedding took place at the Anantara Mui Ne resort   

it was beautifully decorated for a beach wedding, the bride wore a total of 3 outfits during the reception. First she wore a short white wedding gown for the ceremony, then changed to another long white wedding gown for the dance and finished off with a traditional Ao dai gown as the evening went on. It was a beautiful ceremony and everyone had a great time dancing and celebrating this union of love. 


 As our time there was coming to an end we hurried to the sand dunes. Because, who passes on ATVS and a sand-boarding session? To say that this was fun, is an understatement. If you come to Mui Ne and you don't do this, we will be very disappointed in you. Its not enough to see them and just walk around, Rent the ATVS! 


As we made our way back to Ho Chi Minh City, we were so physically tired from all the activities, but with huge smiles on our faces. We had the best nap ever, and woke up when we had already arrived to our destination. We are already planning another quick trip back here and spending a few more hours on the White Sand Dunes, and then heading to the Red Sand Dunes because we didn't have enought time to see those. 



Definitely a highlight of Vietnam so far! Mui Ne will keep you on your toes with all the amazing activities. Theres also perfect wind for kite-boarding! (I know a few of my friends will be convinced to come just for this) And if you have never tried it before, here is your chance to learn! Theres lessons offered everywhere and its a super fun sport (bit pricey but definitely worth it).


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