April , 2014 


Mexico City again! But this time we decided to do all the tourist attractions we hadn’t already done. So these are the places that we thought although touristy, were really worth seeing.



 The boat ride around the canals while you drink and have Mexican food is actually extremely fun. The scenery is beautiful and it is a reminder that Mexico City was built on top of a lake.


Teotihuacan is about an hour away from the city. You can climb up the pyramids and feel the energy and beauty of the Aztec ruins. Choose to come on a weekday so you can avoid heavy crowds, but this was no doubt a great experience! The view from the top is amazing, we are lucky to live in a country that is so rich in history and culture.


The two newest museums in the City are both the Soumaya and the Jumex museum. We have mentioned them before, but thats because they are worth paying a visit to! Soumaya is definitely more time consuming, we spent hours there enjoying their extensive collection. Jumex is fairly small and was in renovation at the time so we could only access one floor, but it’s a contemporary art museum so it was completely different from the Soumaya and therefore refreshing. They are located one in front of the other so you can do both on the same day if you’d like! Highly recommend both of them!


Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s Casa Azul. This is was once the home of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Head down to the south of the city in Coyoacan to see their house now turned museum! We actually learned a lot of new things about their lives by coming here, and to see their bedrooms, painting studios and huge patio really was a wonderful experience. There was an amazing exhibition of some of Frida’s dresses that were found recently and were put next to collections made by Givenchy and Commes des Garçons that were inspired by her. We had a great time and the house is absolutely beautiful! There is vivid color and Mexican folklore everywhere you look.


Mexico City always shows us an amazing time! This immense city offers a wide range of activities from cultural sightseeing to discovering new Mexican delicacies, great shopping, and a fun nightlife. Every time we come we try to do different things and that’s why coming back is always so refreshing. You will never see all this city has to offer in one visit, that’s the beauty of it, it has you coming back to discover more. 


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