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Mexico city is one of the most cultural and exciting cities in the world! With the highest population in the country and busiest streets there will always be something happening around the corner.

First and foremost, although tourist attractions can be overwhelming and sometimes overrated a cultural spot that never gets old and definitely a must is:

El Castillo de Chapultepec-


a place full of rich Mexican history! The only Royal castle to ever exist in Mexico and probably all of North America has a very well preserved architecture that transports you back in time to a the years of opulence and ostentatious leaders that once ruled the country and inhabited in the walls of the castle.



the oldest area of Mexico City and the place where Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo used to lived in. You can visit their house, La Casa Azul, which is now a museum. It is a small colorful place full of street vendors and cafes where mostly families and artists have inhabited and call it home.


El Centro-

downtown is considered one of the dodgiest and most dangerous areas of the city, when in fact it is the most cultural and beautiful part! Do not miss Palacio Bellas Artes one of the most important cultural centers in Mexico City.


The Museums-

Soumaya and Museo Jumex. I know that sometimes museums can be boring and almost too similar to other museums you’ve visited before but this two are worth it, if you have some time in your schedule to look at some great art installations and pieces head here. 


To be honest we had the best time walking around Condesa and La Roma, where there's great little cafes and bars where you can sit and talk with your friends. Personal favorites : Nonsolo, Aleksander and Felix.



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