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Phi Phi Island is where “The Beach” was filmed, a dream place for many to explore! From transparent waters, to bluest of skies, to an abundance of monkeys. We were lucky enough to go this year with one of our favorite cousins and witness this beauty. We took a plane to Phuket, and from Phuket took a 30min ferry to Tonsai Village and then, finally another long boat to our beach (Laemtong Beach). It is a long way to arrive to paradise, so don’t go hungry or tired otherwise you will have a painful 40 min ride. We stayed at the quiet and serene Laemtong beach at the Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort


Excited to explore everything we booked a tour that included: Mosquito Island, Bamboo Island, Maya Bay, Monkey Beach and Tonsai Bay. We started off snorkeling in Mosquito Island where you will swim with thousands of different and colorful fearless fish! They really have the most amazing vibrant colors. We spent hours exploring the underwater world.  After, we headed for some tanning sessions to Bamboo Island where we could rest from all the swimming and lay down to soak up on the sun. 

Maya Bay-

Full of tourists snapping Leonardo Dicaprio’s hidden beach. Come here early if you want a clear shot, otherwise it will be nearly impossible. Its kind of surreal being here, we cannot stress enough the part about arriving early! If you come when its too crowded you won't get to appreciate all this striking beauty. 

After this we started getting a little hungry so we went to grab lunch to the party village of Tonsai Bay, this is where you'll find the large crowds, the bohemian vibes and the tattoo parlors! This place gets rowdy by night, but during the day this is where you will get to meet thousands of travelers and explore some of the shops and funky boho restaurants. 


Monkey Beach-

To finish off our day, we then moved on to Monkey Beach, like the name says it we ended up at a beach full of monkeys! The very last stop to meet the aggressive yet really cute creatures. We did all of this in one-day guys! And we had the most fun and most active day, it was amazing, we didn’t realize how tired we were until we hit the bed at 9pm. Crashed immediately. But in terms of which was the best beach, well we kind of had to see every single beach out there only to realize the best one was outside our hotel room.  It was clear, Laemtong Beach was secluded, pristine, simply beautiful and very calm. If you are not staying in Laemtong Beach we highly recommend you go at least for the day! There is a restaurant we loved in this beach, it’s called Jasmine, a small local restaurant with wooden tables that is family owned and it is hands down one of the best Pad-Thais we have had in Thailand. Don’t be fooled by the overpriced restaurants in the hotels surrounding it, go to this local place, top quality and affordable prices. 

Another amazing experience was diving for the first time! And it was so memorable to see the underwater world in these turquoise waters! Also we were told Thailand prices for Scuba Diving are very affordable compared to other places in the world, so if you are a scuba diving fanatic, this place will be your paradise.


Tonsai Bay-

Tonsai Bay is where students and backpackers stay, there’s a bunch of affordable restaurants, hostels, boutiques, tattoo parlors, and bars! Extremely happening area and where the crazy fun goes on. For us it was a little too much, especially since it was really crowded, but if you want to party and you come with a group you will want to stay where the action is at. What we really enjoyed here was the hike to Phi Phi Viewpoint. You take the tsunami evacuation route and you will arrive to the most fantastic view ever! Be warned it is a workout and you will be sweating A LOT, like a lot… so bring comfortable clothes and walking shoes! 


Overall this was a very fun/relaxing time for us, we got to do a little bit of everything and we loved it! There are various scenes to Phi Phi island depending on your mood or what you are looking for, and that is what we liked the most. You get to be active with all the fun activities and water sports, relax and do nothing with a good book by the beach, or go insane with friends all night long at the beach clubs in Tonsai. Its all good fun in an amazing setting.


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