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Known to many as the "Holy Grail of Asia," Hong Kong is one of the liveliest cities we have ever visited. A jumble of juxtapositions and a melting pot of cultures, Hong Kong plays tricks on your brain and will send you into a  frenzy! 

Though it's such a cosmopolitan city with plenty of European influences, it is still very unique in both its multifacetedness and its lifestyle.


Hong Kong is divided into trendy areas and suburbs. In Hong Kong Island, it's important to know where to stay and to be in close proximity to the city centre (Central). We chose to stay on Hollywood Road, which is just a short walk from the lively Soho area, which is lined with plenty of restaurants and bars and the busy nightlife of Lan Kwai Fong.


Wan Chai District is an interesting area to explore during the day. In this part of the city you will find Causeway Bay, and get to know the hectic and commercial streets that are jammed with people and pawn shops. The architecture on this area steps away from the modern buildings that characterize Central Hong Kong and Kowlooon, and instead "Tong Lau" buildings line the streets (which origins go back to the 50's- 70's in order to accomodate the flocks of mailand immigrants). These buildings are distinguised by their stingy looks and pastel-colored walls that are run-down in appearance and look extremely limited in space. However, they contribute to Hong Kong's unique and diverse skyline and give the city a playful look with a distinct color palette. 

In Wan Chai District, don't miss Ship Street! There are few cool and trendy restaurants/bars to try. Our favorites include: Ham & Sherry (for amazing tapas in a very cool atmosphere) and Ship 22 for a contemporary feel to the evening and a very nice meal!


For good Dimsum try Maxim's Palace, The Square, and Dynasty. Also, we had an amazing brunch on Hollywood Road at a cozy restaurant called Classified


The Soho of Hong Kong is right on Central, and will be alive as soon as the sun goes down. We loved walking along Hollywood Road and entering random places. For a good dinner try Pastis- and as the night unfolds head to their basement bar " Le Boudoir" for a cool vibe and amazing "Belle Epoque" feeling that attracts the coolest crowd. 

Another trending place to go out to is Dragon i, which has a dance vibe interior and a low key terrace, often frequented by models, creatives, business men, designers. Its on the pretentious side but can be a good place for dancing.  

To say the nightlife is happening is an understatement, you will not have a shortage of places where to go and where to have a good time. There is a vast amount of clubs and bars including: Armani Privé, Play, Volar, Bijoux, Levels, etc.. Many are located on Lan Kwai Fong (famous amongst expats), and if you walk this street at night you can take your pick- that is if you can find your way through the crowds! (weekends are busy-busy!)



For the highest bar in the world: Ozone Bar at the Ritz Carlton in Kowloon. The view is unbelievable but the bar is definitely very touristy- maybe just go for the view!


Kowloon District is where most of the upscale hotels are located, and overlook the Harbour with amazing views! you may get here by metro or ferry. Its also a very cool area to explore. There is a very nice shopping mall close to the Ritz Carlton and the skyline will be mainly glass skyscrapers. Here you get to explore the Mong Kok neighborhood- which was named the most densely populated place in the world: street-stalls, shops, markets, and very crowded corners to walk and explore.


Victoria Peak is where you can get the best view of the island! You take a cable car to the mountain-top and get ready to be blown away.


When you speak to the locals and to expats who love living in Hong Kong, everyone agrees that their very favorite part of living in this big bright-lighted city is the fact that they can get away to secluded and amazing beaches that can only be accessed by taking a hike. This explains why we adore this city: Hong Kong's charm is composed by its juxtaposition in lifestyle and appearance. You get to enjoy the concrete jungle life, and then go on an adventure and discover the true nature and beauty of the island. It is contrasting in the most jarring ways but also achieves a certain balance that seems to be inexistent at first glance- but unveils itself in a fascinating way.


Hong Kong has made it to the top of our favorite destinations in the world- It also may have to do with the fact that the shopping is exceptional! 


Xie xie for such a fun and exciting time HK! We will be back soon!


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