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One of the attractions in Hoi An that we didn't write about in the last post was My Son Temple. It is only a 45min ride from Hoi An. We recommend anyone to come here early because the site is actually quite small and even if just a few people are there, it makes it feel a bit crowded and you won't get a chance to get a clear shot. These Hindu Temples were partially destroyed by US troops during the Vietnam-American War, so even though they are mostly in ruins, they have a lot of history and are quite interesting to see. When we went there it became such an adventure because all of a sudden it started pouring! The sky fell for a long time and so we had to walk for a while under the rain, whilst a tour guide covered a bunch of us under what seemed to be a huge plastic-sized bag, we wish we had gotten a picture of this to account for it and show you, because it must've looked pretty comical! (but we needed to protect our camera from the rain!) When we actually got to the site we were already very soaked, but we got ourselves some plastic rain-coats and it stopped raining after 15min, so that's when we could actually enjoy a bit of exploring the area and just walking around.


The landscape is very different from what we've seen so far, the mountains make the ruins look spectacular and I guess the weather that day created some type of mist that we enjoyed looking at behind the cluster of Temples. You only need a couple of hours here, so if you get here early you will be able to go back to Hoi An by noon. You get a choice of heading back in a bus or a boat, and actually taking the boat is quite nice because you get to arrive to Hoi An from a different perspective, we really enjoyed the ride and its pretty fast.


After visiting My Son, we headed for lunch in the Ancient town and went to get our bikes to cruise the city one last time. We still remember having our happiest moments while we were bike-riding, there is something very nice about being on a bike living in the moment and looking around and seeing all this beauty surrounding you. You get to say: I am here now, and I'm truly enjoying it. That's what Hoi An can offer apart from any other city in Vietnam. You suddenly forget about having a single care in the world. The only other place where we have experienced a similar feeling is Bali. 


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