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Guanajuato is known for its colorful landscape and for being the most romantic city in Mexico. We are always happy to return to this picturesque town, and when we think of places to recommend in our motherland, Guanajuato always makes it to the top five. 


Aside from being blown away by the beautiful colonial architecture and bright colored streets, Guanajuato is filled with cultural things to do and amazing new things to try. Even for us, that we are Mexican, we always end up discovering new flavors and new traditional dishes we had no clue even existed.

Walking down the streets of the main square is a whole activity on its own. Take a stroll and try the street food, look at the art displays and listen to the local mariachi bands. Sit on one of the many restaurants that surround the park and enjoy the lively outdoors. Luna Bar is a great place with a view to have a drink and relax.


We also never miss an opportunity to go to the Pípila viewpoint! You take the cable car located on the back of Juárez Theatre and get to the most amazing view of the entire city. There is also a little bar there that is perfect to have a drink and watch the sunset, its a must if you make it up there, you won't regret this experience. 


For the nightlife there are a couple fun places that we would insist you try for unique evenings. If you want a low-key rooftop: Terrasse is your place! Located near the main square inside a building that has 3 floors, its the last one up. The 2nd floor on this same building has a very lively bar frequented by students and a young crowd, this is good for dancing latin tunes and to really get to know the local lifestyle. The first floor is a Cantina that has a very underground vibe, for a chill and undemanding night with a beer (the space is very limited). If you are looking for nightclubs: there is Grill , but its nothing really special in our opinion. 

For salsa dancing there is one particular place we loved and its called La Dama de las Camelias, and this was our ultimate favorite. The whole atmosphere is incredible, the interior is covered with murals and amazing quirky art pieces. Like the sign says outside: this place is for drinking and dancing, lots of dancing!


If its your first time in Guanajuato then you have a variety of tourist attractions, like the Mummy museum and the Alhóndiga de Granaditas museum, where you can get a lesson on Mexican history and get further understading on the events that took place here. There are so many interesting facts about this town, since it was such an important city during the Mexican War of Independence. It was also the most important silver extraction center in the world in the 18th century, and to visit the mines and the underground tunnels is quite spectacular.


And once again a special thanks to our talented friend Yvan Rodic FACEHUNTER who embarked on this journey with us to discover more about our homeland and was such a fun travel companion.


Amanda + Cynthia


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