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Welcome to the picturesque city of Guanajuato! "From now on ladies and gentlemen, you are entering Mexico. From now on everything will be wonderful and beautiful, marvelously beautiful. Increasingly marvelously beautiful and wonderful" Henry Miller.

Callejón del Beso (Kissing Alley)-

There is so much history and culture in this city! Its one of our favorite places in Mexico. When we think of real traditional Mexico, we immediately think of Guanajuato. This is the home of all the spooky legends and the famous Mummy Museum. First off the entire city is a museum! You want to get to know the history behind this town? the streets will tell you the stories, just walk around the alleys and enter the narrowest lanes. Every single street has its own legend, lets start with "El callejón del beso" (The kissing alley) This one is for the couples and/or hopeless romantics. Its a tragic love story about secret lovers! Hear it from the locals as you stand right in the alley were supposedly this story took place! The legend says that those couples who kiss on the third step of the stairs enjoy 15 years of happiness, in case you don't then you will have 7 years of bad luck. 


Juárez Theatre-

Juarez Theatre is the most beautiful building in the city! You have to go inside and take a look at this beauty. Really well maintained, so that you can be transported back to the 17th Century. We could even picture the elegant spectators sitting at the balconies in their extravagant outfits, waiting for the Opera to start. What opulence and what amazing place. 

La Callejonada-

There is a famous tour you can take by night. Right in the heart of town you can join "La callejonada" You cannot miss participating in this! Be part of the folklore and charm of this city. This event is performed by local student bands dressed in medieval costumes, and its the most fun you will have! It starts at the Juarez Theatre and they take you around the streets on different routes while they put on a show. It usually starts at 8pm and goes on for a little past an hour; Its a unique experience of a lot of singing and some fun and giggles. We enjoyed this event so much! We encourage you to be a part of it.


The Mummy Museum-

One of the most famous attractions in Guanajuato: Mummy Museum. Its located in "Explanada el Panteón" it can get super crowded so plan to go early. This place brings tourists from all over the world! you will imagine the crowds. If you want to experience some high levels of creepiness then you cannot leave without coming here. Unexplainably morbid and weird, but you will enjoy this experience so much. Its so fascinating and disturbing at the same time. Something in the soil of Guanajuato has preserved the corposes displayed here, including their costumes and jewels. VERY incredible. This is also one of the reasons why Guanajuato has such a powerful vibe to it, it is so old and rich in history. Best day to come to this town? We would say around "Day of the Dead" November 2nd! This place echoes this national holiday. We will warn you though, this is not for everyone! Only for the ones fascinated by the spooky and the mysterious.


Diego Rivera Museum-

Childhood home of famous Mexican painter Diego Rivera! Get to see the beauty of 19th Century Guanajuato. Inside you will also find a gallery with a great collection of his artwork and many interesting facts about his early life. If you are a fan of Diego and Frida's or are just looking to get familiar with Mexican art and folklore, then we recommend paying a visit.


La Alhóndiga de Granaditas-

This used to be a grain and seed factory and later became a fortress for Spanish troops. If you want to fully enjoy this historical site, you must be familiar with the Mexican history, as this location played an important role in the Independence of Mexico. This is where the Spanish troops hid and later on were discovered by the rebels. It was the rebels' first major victory battle in their struggle for Independence. Get to see where the combat took place and be transported back to the revolutionary period.


City Center-

Just by exploring the city center you will discover many different restaurants with the most amazing traditional food. Mariachi bands flock the streets and you can hum to their happy tunes while you enjoy a cold margarita! The entire city inspires happiness! Everyone here is all smiles and they are just enjoying life to the fullest. At times you will also get to see folkloric dances on the streets and can just get lost in the colorful costumes of the performers. This place made us feel in touch with our culture and super proud of our heritage. Its a fun town for all kinds of ages! it is family friendly and also enjoyable to come with a group of friends! All the Posadas (hotels) are super rustic in decoration and have the "hacienda" feeling to them, it really is like you have travelled to the 17th Century Mexico; and what an amazing journey! 

Art is abundant and people are very inspired by all the color that paints this town. We encourage to take some souvenirs so you can always remember the charm and colorful schemes of the town of Guanajuato. We heart Guanajuato.


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