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The city with chaotic traffic and Patpong red light district might seem like a lot to take in one sip …and it is... that's why we have decided to simplify your trip! that way you can enjoy Bangkok according to your own interests.
Here’s what we know and what we liked:  

I mean let’s be honest when you go on vacation you just have to do the usual touristy things: take photos with an iconic figure on the background and send it to your parents with the caption “hi, I was here” :
Guys, Bangkok has way too many temples and historical monuments to see in one trip so here are our favorite temples and touristic places.


When the sun shines…

Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha-

The two main temples with incredible architecture, you will overlook the big crowds and the heat just to get a sight of this. Take the time to walk around and admire this place. We actually had to come back here because turns out there were some areas we didn't take the time to explore. Don't rush it, just enjoy it!Around these temples you will always find tuk-tuk drivers, go on a tuk-tuk for the fun of it, take a picture and enjoy the ride! They are actually faster than a regular taxi, but they usually charge you 3x the price! If you go for a regular taxi always make sure they put on the taximeter.



Ayutthaya is a  mesmerizing place! Its 45 min away from Bangkok and you can either book it on a tour with a boat ride and romantic dinner,
or you can do it the cheap way by taking the BTS (sky train) to Victory Monument and then a minivan ($60 baht per person).

Take your pick of the multiple temples to visit while there, some are free and some aren’t but they are all astounding, be camera ready.


Floating Market-

The floating market is large busy and colorful. Amazing place to try some local food and go on a long tail boat ride through the river! if you don't like crowds,then you might want to skip this one, but be aware you will miss out on some traditional delicacies. There is a variety of tours you can take from here: from snake farm, to flower market, etc...Personally we enjoyed trying the multiple thai snacks, desserts and spices on the stands.


Khao San Road-

The infamous Backpackers Street! Yes its true, its full of backpackers, debauchery, street vendors and Thai  food.
 It’s as touristy as it gets and overwhelming at times, so only go if you are mentally prepared for it. 

We know it is mainly known for the crazy nights and drinking buckets, but actually Khao San Road has a lot to offer during the day..

Like cheap foot massages, facials and manicures! Yes ladies you can beautify yourself at a cheap rate. Also there is fish spa pedicure which now that we think about it, isn't very hygienic. Try it at your own risk! We guarantee some giggles

Eating on the street is part of the Thai experience, you must try the pad thai! Just go to a local street vendor and ask for one (Its only 30 baht)
If eating on the street is not for you, next to Khao San Road is Rambuttri street, which has a lot of cute restaurants and cafes where you can try a variety of local dishes sitting down.


If you are an upscale traveler willing to splurge on a drink at a touristic place with a nice view then…

Sky Bar (Sirocco) and Vertigo are your kind of places!
Yes the view of Bangkok is astonishing, the drinks are overpriced and yes it is mainly tourists prancing around the bar. 
But it is part of the experience, just keep in mind you are paying for the ambiance and the view! 
In our opinion if we had to choose between one of the two, we would prefer Vertigo just because you can actually sit at the bar. Sky Bar is usually really crowded to the point you can’t actually see much with all the tourists taking pictures.


If you love Recreational Parks and riding bikes, then Muang Boran is a place you will definitely enjoy.

This place is gigantic and impossible to walk entirely! It is a 40min taxi ride and it will cost you around 200 baht to get there.

The entrance fee is 500 baht including a bike to ride or a tram ride if you prefer to sit back and relax. If you love golf carts, they are also available for an extra fee but if you plan to use one make sure you bring your drivers license! The tram can be dull and only makes a few stops, so we highly recommend biking or getting a golf cart to enjoy the whole park. Perfect place to take great photos!

Alright enough of the touristy, you are done with all the day stuff and are feeling like a drink…

Above Eleven-

it has such a great atmosphere, view, and delicious sushi! The best rooftop bar in the famous Soi 11 partying street.
one of our top picks! It is always fun and it always has something going on! Wednesdays are salsa nights and a 50% discount to all ladies on selected drinks.


Maggie Choo’s-

talking about a great setting! This place has become the hang out bar, with dim lights and ladies greeting you at the door in Chinese traditional outfits sitting on swings, it sure makes your night interesting. On Thursday nights there is a lovely jazz band playing some nice tunes to go with the mood! 

It is usually livelier during the weekends if you plan to go.



at the St Regis is a great place for sushi or for a drink. It provides a great service and top quality from the ambiance to the food.
If you have been to a Zuma elsewhere in the world, then you know what we are talking about!


Thonglor is the trendy area in Bangkok. If you are heading that way you must not miss Bad Motel! 
This venue in all white décor has an upstairs bar and lovely patio. This is where you will find all the fashionistas, the creatives and trendy locals. It is a place with great music, great drinks, and a great crowd.



This is a restaurant we discovered in the Ekkamai area our last days in Bangkok, and we must say we loved it! 
The litchee mojitos are the best, highly recommended. The decor is fantastic, and what's not to love about live music? 
If you are looking to escape the tourist spots.. then this is a nice place to enjoy the local side of Bangkok. 


Long Table-

Rooftop Thai restaurant designed as a long table for people to sit together and enjoy food in unison. Located on soi 16, it has a great view and modern surroundings! It is usually better if you come with a big group of people; otherwise the table seems a little big for two. There is however, an outside section with smaller tables around the pool for those who want to enjoy a closer look of the view.


Last but not least, Bangkok has a lot of malls! They literally have everything you might need or want, from furniture, to electronics, clothes, shoes, restaurants, everything and at whatever price range you are aiming for! Its all there.

The king and queen of all the malls would have to be Siam Paragon and Central World-  so be ready to get lost indoors.

Siam Center, is probably our favorite one, really fun place to be in, doesn’t really feel like a mall but a museum filled with pretty stores and funky surroundings.


Asiatique is a nice outdoor afternoon market! You can take the BTS to Saphan Taksin and then a free boat ride to this superb market where you can find nice restaurants by the water and cute stores (open after 5pm)


MBK mall is where you can get some good deals, it is cash only and it has 7 levels of everything you might be looking for!

It is super overwhelming and you really can’t see it all in one day, so if you love treasure hunting and bargaining this is for you-
from knock offs, to hairdressers, to fast food and gadgets.


Also don't forget Chatuchak market.Worth taking a look here while you enjoy some Thai iced tea or Ice cream outdoors, it usually gets really hot midday so listen to us about the thai ICED tea.


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